Hello everyone, this is Lynda, thank you for stopping by to read this post. As some of you may know, I used to be quite over-weight, and things weren't looking too good for my health. But today, I will be sharing the "secret" of my huge body transformation, and how I lost over 45 pounds, that too by not doing any extreme work outs or starving my self. Before we continue, here's a picture of my body transformation:


Sorry for the bad quality, I had spent a lot of my money on useless diet programs that didn't work at all, so I couldn't buy a phone with a better camera. And also, as you can see, I've been tanning lately too, this summer of 2015 was really the best summer I ever experienced, I wasn't shameful of my body, I'm not insecure anymore, I can wear a bikini whenever I want to, and overall, my life has changed big time since the transformation of my body.

How long it took me to transform?

Now, I know all of you are wondering that how long it took me to achieve these results? Well, believe it or not, I lost all that weight, in just about 100 days, which is less than 4 months! I had been trying to loose weight since the past couple of years, but it never really worked out for me until now.

How did I do it?

As much as I want to admit that I worked my ass of to achieve these results, the truth is that I did not! Actually, I just replaced one to two meals of my day with the amazing meals I have been preparing, and I've literally started loosing weight due to eating! How crazy. You're probably wondering that how I managed to prepare fat burning meals, well, I didn't figure it out myself, I purchased this amazing Fast Fat Burning Meals CookbookIt is an amazing cookbook that contains a lot of healthy recipes, these include Paleo recipes, Vegan recipes, Cabbage Soups, Diet soups, Fat burning meals and so on. Cooking these meals literally takes less than 20 minutes, and trust me when I say, theses are some damn tasty meals! There are a few recipes that I tried turned out to be very tasteless, but most of the recipes I have tried so far have tasted amazingly well! 

Can I Eat Everything Else With These Meals And Still Loose Weight?

Well, I think that you probably know the answer to that, no matter how much these meals are good for my health and burn fat inside me, if I keep eating cheese cakes in lunch and dinner and take a meal from this cook book in breakfast, and still expect to loose weight, I'm going to have a really bad time, Yes, these meals really helped me big time to loose a lot of unwanted weight, but I also had to control my diet too, I didn't a single piece of cake or anything else like that for 4 months straight, I only ate burgers or fast food for like 3 times in those 4 months, I tried to just eat healthy stuff alongside these fat burning meals to get the most out of them, and I wasn't wrong, I probably wouldn't have lost this much weight if I didn't control my diet and kept eating like I used too. But one thing that really helped me control my diet is that whenever I felt hungry, I just used to cook up a cabbage soup using a recipes from this book and it would help me with my hunger, I am truly thankful to have came across this amazing cook book, which has literally changed my life!

So, what are you waiting for?